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Where is everyone?

A close-up drama about rumors, guilt and loyalty.

The play depicts the social control in a smaller society but also the friendship and the ability to move on. Tessan has been away from the small town for a year but suddenly she is back at the roadside restaurant and working again. Benne looks for her. Reluctantly, they approach each other and the event that bound them together. What really happened that night a year ago? That night when Alex and David came down to the roadside restaurant to party and Benne was there to watch the match on TV. Instead, Benne witnessed something completely different. Was Tessan involved in what happened? If she was not, why did she let it happen? Or is there some truth in the rumor in the area - does Tessan really have to blame herself?

Autumn production at the Nordic Theater School 2018.

In the ensemble we have Aviva Wrede, Julia Öhlander Larson, Victor Iván and Karu Wallin.

Directed by Karl Ekdahl

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