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Forest Scene
About the play

Now that Västanå Theater is turning 50 years old, we have chosen to create a sparkling cavalcade performance that is a meeting between Västanå Teater and Selma Lagerlöf, where we take scenes from our Lagerlöf productions and see precisely our shared love for storytelling, music, dance and theater art. Selma Lagerlöf had a great interest in theater throughout her life and as a prose writer she focuses on creating scenes and tableaus, where the narrative is largely carried on in the form of repartee.


In the short story "A tale about a saga", Selma writes how the fantastic story of Gösta Berling, Majorskan and all the other characters in Gösta Berling's Saga comes to life in a shocking vision when she walks on Malmskillnadsgatan in Stockholm. We have borrowed the title because it could just as easily refer to Västanå Teater's fifty-year saga, which is as unlikely as the story of  fantasin's giant bees that Selma lets fly into perfectly normal-sized beehives.

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